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technology news February 1st evening news, Innovation workshop today officially listed on the new board, but won the "national share transfer system company consent letter listed" does not mean that the both investment and business services in the form of PE to complete the listing of three new board. Innovative aspects of the workshop, said the listing is the entrepreneurial services business, rather than the main business investment. From the point of view of public information, which is known for investment and entrepreneurial services agency, is gradually completed the exit of the investment, and the entrepreneurial services as the main business.

Innovation workshop main business services schematic

November 2015, innovative workshops in the share transfer system of public transfer instructions out of circulation, the news of the three new board officially known to the outside world. In the November public transfer instructions, the main source of income for innovation workshops is the income from entrepreneurial services and fund management outsourcing services. This also means that the establishment of the well-known investment and entrepreneurial services agency is founded by Li Kaifu in the overall way to achieve new three board listing.

however, a month later, regulators halted private equity investment institutions before the rumors of "listed on the new board, by the Commission Commission Vice Chairman Fang Xinghai at a news briefing held by the State Council Information Office will confirm. Including innovative workshops, including private equity institutions, listed three new board process blocked. Innovation workshop did not sound on the issue at the time.

in January 6th this year, in a "Innovation workshop (Beijing) enterprise management Limited by Share Ltd listing application documents of the two feedback", innovation works sponsored by Guoxin Securities Broker on the company’s current and future business planning in the existence of private equity fund managers or risk investment business "responded to.

responded that: innovation factory main business services and fund management outsourcing services. As of the date of the signing of the prospectus, the Innovation workshop and its subsidiaries do not engage in private equity fund management or venture capital business. The future, innovation works will rely on the new three financing advantages, to provide business services and support more diversified development, incubation of the stock exchange mode, through cooperation, joint venture and equity and other ways to integrate entrepreneurial service resources and project financing channels, help the entrepreneurial team to achieve the entrepreneurial dream; provide outsourcing services for the risk investment fund management; Innovation workshop type business counseling and training system construction plan, continue to contribute commercial value and social value of entrepreneurial ecology.

The latest

in the public transfer instructions, innovation works said: "during the reporting period, the company fund management business income accounted for the decline, due to the company’s business focus is gradually adjusted to business service outsourcing services and fund management, fund management business is no longer for the main business of the company. Consider the Future Ltd development strategy, to better highlight the full range of business services business model, in June 2015, the company will hold the Beijing innovation works investment center (limited partnership) general partners subscribed to the transfer of the Internet investment, in July 2015, the company will hold 99.17% of the equity investment > SHEN Wei

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