How to open a new home textile store display

if you have the intention to open the home textile shop, you have to know some basic skills of display, because the reasonable display can make the home textile shop looks more. So what do you want to pay attention to the new home textile stores? Home textile display how to do? The six step is very practical.

display step, textile thematic display, display method for setting a theme to the textile exhibition. The subject should be changed frequently to meet the needs of seasons or special events. It can make the store to create a unique atmosphere, to attract the attention of customers, and thus play a role in the promotion of bed products. For example, Christmas celebrations.

display step five, positioning textile display, refer to some bedding once to determine the location of display, generally no longer change. Location display bed is usually high visibility of bed materials, customers buy these goods bed with high frequency, the purchase amount is large, so the need for these bedding given fixed position to display, for the convenience of the customer, especially the old customers.

display step six, textile association display, refers to the different but complementary bedding displayed together, such as blankets and associated display suite. The use of complementary between bed products, so that customers can buy a bed goods, but also the way to buy the next bed. It can make the overall display store diversification, but also increased the probability of customers to buy bedding. Its principle is to use bed products must be complementary, to break the difference between the various types of bed products, the performance of the actual needs of consumer life.


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