China leather ten brands list the whole

now many people like to wear leather clothes, not only warm effect, but also can spread demeanor, so that the fur market is more and more broad. Of course, China is also a big country, also has a lot of brands. So, leather which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to reveal the ten largest brand of leather clothing for you.

Chinese leather ten brands list NO.01, Kaiser KAISER, began in 1994, leather apparel industry standard drafting unit, entitled " Wang " leather clothing; reputation, large international leather apparel group, Kaiser (Chinese) Limited by Share Ltd.

Chinese leather ten brands list NO.02, should enjoy the Chinese clothing, the king’s reputation, dedicated to the 35 to 45 year old white-collar workers successy tailored Leather Classic, large fashion industry group, Tianjin Limited by Share Ltd.

Chinese leather ten brand list NO.03, snow leopard, began in 1984, ten leather brand, famous brand in Zhejiang Province, in the leather industry comprehensive modern enterprise group, Zhejiang snow leopard clothing co..

Chinese leather ten brands list NO.04, Murong Morriszou, was founded in 1993, the domestic fur industry leader, with leather as the core of the diversified enterprises, high-tech enterprises, Murong group limited.


Chinese leather ten brands list, NO.05 ZORANZI, founded in 1996, Beijing famous trademarks, ten leather brand, leather apparel, fashion / casual supplemented by the enterprise, Beijing Chuang-tzu industry and trade limited liability company.

Chinese leather ten brands list NO.06, Shulan SHULAN, founded in 1986, fur clothing industry’s reputation, the domestic fur garment industry leader, fur garment industry standard drafting unit, Beijing Shulan international clothing limited liability company.

Chinese leather ten brand ranking, Samsung shining NO.07 T-STARS, founded in 1991, set of leather clothing / leather / sweater / design / production / sales / woven garments import and export as one of the modern enterprise group, Zhejiang sinour Industry Co. ltd..

Chinese leather ten brands list NO.08, Beastmaster, domestic well-known brand fur fashion enterprises, its product quality reputation in the customers and the market, Zhejiang Leather Garment Co. Ltd. beastmaster.

China leather clothing ten brands list NO.09, Dongming, river >

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