Niu Wenwen severe vertical era entrepreneurs do not opportunism

today is a great opportunity for entrepreneurial innovation, but in the face of great opportunities, we can not do opportunistic.


May 7th, "2 times: the wealth of ingenuity" as the theme of the third session of the "Rimula · wealth sink forum, held in Wuhan. Venture chairman Niu Wenwen attended the meeting and made a "dark horse in the ingenuity spirit: before the opportunity not opportunists" keynote speech.

Niu Wenwen said in his speech, today is a good time for entrepreneurship and innovation, but in before the opportunity, we can not do the opportunist, going back to the heart of entrepreneurial wealth, return to the starting point, the basic return to the craftsman, back to the product, to customer service, to do sales and channels, to consider the profits the company will be the future severe vertical China capital market mainstream company.

speech | entrepreneurs horse chairman Niu Wenwen

finishing | Yang Wenhuan


venture will eventually return to mind

entrepreneurs away from the heart and values, it is easy to get lost, especially in the face of big opportunities. We can’t do the opportunist, going back to the heart of entrepreneurial wealth. If you forget your starting point and starting point, forget your initial dream, and you will soon lose yourself in front of the opportunity!

we put this wealth exchange auditorium is defined as the wealth of 2, in the hope that our entrepreneurial wealth Dafengkou, still know that entrepreneurship is a difficult thing, entrepreneurship does not depend on investors to blow you to heaven, will eventually return to nature. When feelings receded, financial support receded, an entrepreneur can survive is the essence of things.

The essence of

is the focus of entrepreneurial wealth, is the lonely stick in a field, one product, one thing. When you find that all of you are doing this, the final rate of failure must be very high. The best in the severe vertical spirit in a field with deep attention to create value.

Tianpai entrepreneurial challenges

is very popular in recent years and to send business day. School of entrepreneurship is the value of the so-called profitability, stable operation, a hundred years old. But this era is not the same, we will accelerate the development of access to financial support. A lot of founders and entrepreneurs, to get the investor’s money, get 1 million and then get the 10 million, and then get the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship as the one hundred million. Shareholders rarely want to give you the money, should be changed into revenue and profit matching. The most difficult thing is to start the equal investment into equal income, then become equal profits. Take you into one million into one million of the revenue by product, and then into one million of the profits, the three stage was gone, can be called the preliminary completed a business circle.


called Tianpai logic? In simple terms, is to use the financing to get the user, but do not consider profitable things, in the loss to expand the market, or to do large-scale >

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