Why drink so sober drink

is now the most popular products sold on the market is sobering beverages, a lot of friends are also very strange, why is it so popular drink? Why a lot of friends after the investment so quickly realized the sobering up beverage build up the family fortunes dream? What is the secret? The following small series will come to you to analyze the reasons for the sobering beverage can be hot.

According to the data released by the

the cultural influence on Chinese nation deep. Although the society is now in a state of impetuous, the exchange between people is not so frequent, but rooted in the hearts of people in Chinese culture has not been reduced. For example, who knows that drinking beverages, but who can stop selling wine. Since the reform and opening up the truth is like this one, Chinese more and more open, but the marriage, most of the Chinese men and tend to choose the traditional sense of "good wife".

analysis by age, 18-24 age group repeated drinking rate was 84%, 25-39 years of repeated drinking rate was 90%, 40 of the population over the age of 92% for the highest rate of repeat drinking.

wine than other FMCG, it meets the emotional needs of various people in addition to outside, there is a feature that is "addiction". As a subsidiary of wine products, sober beverages have, far more than the profits behind the wine sales, as well as other FMCG, more durable, strong competitiveness.

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