Mobile payment momentum for the next two years

at the moment, mobile payment brings convenience to people, but also to the business has brought unprecedented opportunities, payment methods ushered in a new round of reshuffle. In order to compete for the cake in the field of mobile payments, the traditional financial industry bigwigs can not lose at the starting line. Some experts bluntly: mobile payment was the world."

"now (Mobile Phone Wallet) line POS terminal hardware upgrades have been almost, but businesses still need some time to develop the habit of many cashiers do not know how to use, will be rejected, that there are risks." A shares of the bank electronic banking department told the daily economic news reporter, this is the same as before the transition from cash to brush bank card, it is now over the phone from the brush to brush. We need a habit of forming process."

for between banks, UnionPay and operators of the three competition, a stock line of electronic banking to the "daily economic news" reporter said, in the implementation process of the NFC business in the US or division of labor, because all the basic work needed to complete the industrial chain collaboration, "banks, UnionPay and operators taking alone can not put all links are made."

technology still needs to be improved

"now (Mobile Phone Wallet) POS hard line end >

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