How to promote the healthy growth of children in Chengdu

in the current market environment, although the level of our economic life to be significant, but the impetuous people, cyberporn phenomenon and a series of adverse effects not only has certain harm to the adults, for the healthy growth of young people is also a problem. Learned from the October 12th meeting of the Chinese young pioneers of Chengdu city on the Seventh Congress, in the next five years, Chengdu’s young pioneers will focus on through the "star torch" and "live independently" and "Young Pioneers" of "wisdom team built" four big action, strengthen the self construction of young pioneers, to serve the healthy growth of children.

to carry out the star torch action, firm ideals and beliefs of young children. Chengdu will use the socialist core values of education for young children, with the vision of the development of Chengdu to inspire young children, with the characteristics of the culture of young pioneers cohesion children. In the meantime, the objectives and tasks around the construction of the National Center of the city, extensive attention in 13th Five-Year · create new life "Chengdu practice day theme activities, help the young pioneers understanding in the" four center hub "building.

to carry out live independently action, smooth children all-round development path, enrich the independent education carrier, strengthen the focus groups caring. Chengdu will vigorously carry out the "good book with the growth of" "red scarf house" and other activities, training children to study hard, good thinking habits. At the same time, carry out the "charity ride" "U14 Football League" and other activities, encourage children to nature and to the sports field, cultivate a healthy body and a strong willed child; the implementation of the "sunflower action", to carry out a wide range of mental health education and training, to guide children to develop optimistic and positive personality.

in the "Young Pioneers", will focus on "Tianfu entrepreneurial action plan as a guide, deepen the" Tianfu venture · creative youth "series of activities to build children’s innovation support platform, training a group of youth hit off, guiding children to love science, dare to create, entrepreneurial vision.

"intelligence team building action" aims to strengthen the construction of the young pioneers organization, promote the development of the young pioneers team, innovate the activities of the young pioneers, expand the position of the young pioneers, and strengthen the theoretical research of the young pioneers. Chengdu city will expand the community and school activities of the young pioneers, relying on integrated youth service platform, Youth Activity Center, to strengthen cooperation with the social organization, the progressive realization of the project activities of the young pioneers, menu, normalization.

Chengdu how to promote the healthy growth of children? Through the above article we can see that Chengdu in promoting the healthy growth of young people to take a series of measures, I hope these measures can be effective. At the same time, to promote science and technology museums, museums, libraries, stadiums and other public service facilities and educational base to support the development of Young Pioneers

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