Together to explore the best gold age

When is

suitable for entrepreneurship? How much is the best business age? These two problems have plagued many entrepreneurs. Now a lot of 90 has entered the time of society. "Uncle" and "small meat", what age is the golden age of entrepreneurship?

in the public venture, the highly innovative atmosphere, "entrepreneurship" is undoubtedly one of the highest thermal vocabulary this year. In the upsurge of entrepreneurship in the country, the younger generation, even after 90, occupy a large proportion. Among them, of course, there is no escape from the original business framework, to join the entrepreneurial tide of the transition. For investors, how to choose the injection of the project, the project should be made after the scale of what choice is a key topic can not be ignored.

Special Edition selects two typical representatives of entrepreneurs, to show their entrepreneurial intention and encountered confusion; Xiong Weiming, investment from venture capital perspective, to catch up on the road are giant entrepreneurs weapon. At the same time, this version also organize a discussion on "entrepreneurship is overheating" of the industry, and reviews the relevant guidance this year the national policy for entrepreneurship, to readers.

why venture

in June this year, Qin Shuo resigned from the "First Financial Daily", Wu Xiaobo’s "the last one left" watchdog tells the story of Qin Shuo, this has also become a big event in the media industry, Qin Shuo to widely concerned. The former trader, south window, the first financial daily editor in chief since the creation of the media venture project, Qin Shuo circle of friends, he wrote a commentary on the public every Monday in WeChat, released a video every Friday.

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