Zhengzhou lift the household registration restrictions of various residents sharing government publi

traditional household registration system, allowing people to go out when it is inconvenient, increasing the obstacles. According to the reaction of some people, people into the city, can do a Hong Kong and Macao permits and the like have to return home, which is a lot of workers in the field of headache. In July 20th, Zhengzhou started a new round of reform of the household registration system, the household registration restrictions lifted down effectively, make all kinds of residents sharing government public services, here and small specific knowledge.

according to statistics, in 2015 the resident population of 9 million 569 thousand people in Zhengzhou City, more than household population of 1 million 492 thousand and 300 people, how to make this group and local people share the fruits of economic development, with convenient public services? In the future, Zhengzhou will actively promote the ability to stabilize employment and living in cities and towns, the transfer of agricultural population settled into the city, and enjoy equal rights with urban residents, to perform the same obligations.

fully liberalized County settled conditions, further relaxation of the City Center settled conditions, allowing the transfer of the agricultural population settled in urban employment, priority to solve the rural students and the army to enter the town population and family migration of agricultural population transfer and the new generation of migrant workers to settle the problem. Fully liberalized restrictions on college graduates, skilled workers, vocational college graduates, returned overseas students settled.

at the same time the full implementation of the residence permit system to promote the equalization of basic public services. Promote the residence permit system covering the entire resident population of the town is not settled, guarantee the residence permit holders enjoy compulsory education, employment, public health and other services in the residence; at the same time, enjoy in the residence for immigration documents, for the replacement of identity cards, vehicle registration, apply for a motor vehicle driving license, to enroll in the occupation qualification examination and application for the grant of occupation qualification convenience etc..

in the process of economic development, the mobility of the population, if not according to the actual, to solve some of the shackles of the old, not only will cause inconvenience to the general public, but also hinder the development of the city and exchange to a certain extent. The restrictions lifted Zhengzhou household registration, all residents sharing government measures of the public service, is very meaningful.

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