Open infant clothing store to do more money

open infant clothing store, the cost of investment will not be too high, the return is relatively fast, is a good entrepreneurial direction. However, infants and young children’s clothing on the fabric and style have a lot of requirements, do infant clothing shops, the first thing to consider is the safety factor, and then consider the fabric and style. Only meet the safety standards of infant clothing stores, in order to long-term development.

1, price factor

2, fabric factor

in infant clothing store, cotton, infant clothing has been hot, because in our view, pure cotton is safe and comfortable natural sign, and in recent years has been about green clothes and fabrics, so infant clothing mainly to soft, moisture absorption and perspiration fabric as the main body.

3, color style

4, purchase channel

Open infant clothing store, supply is very important, is the key to control the purchase channels. If you want to purchase from the Internet, then you must look at the manufacturers of various licenses and permits, although these cards can not be absolute description of the problem, but at least provide a guarantee. Then is the first time into a little less goods, to see how the market, the buyer’s response, and then continue to purchase.


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