After watching BAT enclosure territory entrepreneurs why cry

Abstract: the

is too large, these are still far from all fields have been carved up BAT and all enterprises, we will see BAT face a wider conflict and contest the future, every action of them will involve capital operation and business integration more, to accelerate into the Internet Chinese monopoly capitalism stage.


since the beginning of 2014, BAT giants of the acquisition of investment one after another, dazzling, dizzying. In the face of the frequent implementation of billions of big purchases, you sigh in these years the Internet giants to earn a lot of money, is not also exclaimed really cannot read! It will take you to see the online investment banking giants have invested companies, which



travel market


BAT although not cars, but this did not affect them in the car travel investment in the field of power and control. They are good at grasping the essence of the travel needs of the people and the pain points of the travel process, with strong capital, investment behavior in the travel market, about the life and death of a large number of start-up companies.

often appear they throw is born, don’t throw is dead phenomenon. It is hard to imagine their control and influence on the industry. In the future, Baidu foreign customers can adapt to foreign investment in China’s UBER market, Tencent 51 and every day is enough to do the car to become the biggest attraction in the future.

online education


rapid growth of domestic online education institutions, followed by the capital market for online education market sought after, hot investment. Although the three giants did not have a large-scale acquisition of educational companies, but have launched their own online education platform, and has begun to take shape and features different.

online education as the basis for the development of artificial intelligence, the future may become the core business. Now appears to be the leader of Tencent and Baidu.

medical electricity supplier


medical electricity supplier in the field of the layout of the three giants have a focus, access to data and the realization of the form is also different. This field is almost the layout more racing together bridle to bridle, who is accepted by the public, it will be the key to success.

buy life


United States and the public comment on the merger, BAT have been kicked out. The original competition is fierce local life services market again overweight, it is a new pattern has been formed.


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