The skills needed to participate in the exhibition

It is not an easy thing for

to hold an exhibition to promote the investment activities, that is, it is necessary to prepare in advance, and also need flexible field management and skills. Field staff for the exhibition effect plays a vital role in the introduction of several exhibition investment tips to help you improve the success rate of investment.

1. exhibition site organization and management

2. exhibition site communication skills

ready. Before the exhibition opens, you need to do all the preparatory work, such as the display of the product display, join promotional materials, used to demonstrate the computer, and so on, as well as staff standing position, etc.. Full preparation will make you busy even if you are very busy, or even if there is not a lot of audience, but also to create a warm atmosphere. People often don’t want to go to the empty booth.

summary. When the audience is interested, you must immediately grasp the key points that the other party wants to understand. A general introduction to the unique characteristics of the project, in particular, need to be clear, must be refined, there are 3-5 key points can be.

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