McDonald’s franchise into the off season to recover the cost of at least five years

today’s fast food brand is more and more, many people choose to open a fast food restaurant business, but usually they choose to join the well-known brands, such as KFC, McDonald’s and other brands, but the current situation is not optimistic about the McDonald’s franchise.

"we really talked with McDonald’s franchise. However, because of such factors as price, we finally gave up." Henan, a local chain of retail enterprises to the first financial daily confirmed.

however, McDonald’s did not confirm the news on the newspaper. Informed sources told reporters that in September last year, McDonald’s has Hunan regional franchise transferred out; in October of the same year, Jiangsu Financial Group subsidiary Jin Lian Sheng food Co., the company also received the Anhui province franchise; in December of the same year, McDonald’s in Guangdong Jiangmen will be a new drive thru restaurants from Zhiyingdian into franchise stores. At the same time, McDonald’s in Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, Chongqing, Jiangsu and other places to open a franchise application.

although late for a long period of time, but McDonald’s has finally taken a step up.

questioned by localization in China

2011 in September, McDonald’s will be the first developing franchise signed to Yunnan rostar group, McDonald’s has finally let go has been tight grip in the hands of the franchise.

according to McDonald’s 2011 Annual Report, EBITDA of $9 billion 900 million, of which 32% from the restaurant business, 23% from franchise fee, but the maximum profit from rent, up to 45%. As of the end of 2011, McDonald’s in 119 countries around the world, with a total of 23 thousand properties, accounting for about 70% of the total number of stores.

however, McDonald’s this model has not successfully copied to the Chinese, and its development speed is lost to global rival kfc. Compared with the rapid opening of KFC, McDonald’s style has been considered slow in the industry. Into China for more than 20 years, whether it is the introduction of new products, new business development, franchising, etc., McDonald’s are lagging behind kfc.

in the meantime, because McDonald’s shop rate has been questioned behind KFC localization process is not smooth. Although KFC’s Yum group, global sales of only half of McDonald’s global sales, the market value is only 1/3 of McDonald’s, but in China, yum has an absolute advantage. Currently, KFC has more than 4000 stores in China, McDonald’s less than 1500.

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