Marketing analysis of different types of clothing stores

even if you are a complete layman, but I believe you must also know that the use of sportswear sales strategy to sell the loss of clothing, is not suitable for you? In order to provide more useful information to the clothing business, here is a small series of different types of clothing store marketing analysis!

fashion shopThe extension of

high-end women’s clothing store

men’s clothing store

in the strict sense, men’s clothing is not a men’s clothing and accessories, but especially suit dress, dress and formal dress, along with the gradual change of dressing concept, the category has been expanded, but still limited to the social, business dress. Men’s clothing in the form of a relatively simple, but to work well, with the characteristics of fine, suitable for brand management, brand image as the focus of publicity. Therefore, men wear cards, women wear money, said. Men’s clothing store VMD strategy must highlight the common characteristics of the clothing category as the theme, but also to show the brand’s personality style and image characteristics.

with clothing concept is growing in nature, independence, freedom, leisure clothing has become a commodity category, and the development of sports and leisure, business and leisure, leisure and many other Home Furnishing classification. Casual wear in the style, fabric, color, are reflected in the relaxed, casual, unrestrained features, such as natural materials and knitwear are widely used in casual clothing. Casual wear is strong, the market space is larger, therefore, suitable for the operation of the public brand, but also more common in chain management. On the design of VMD

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