Hangzhou Entrepreneurial apartments become a street scene

management activities open, a large number of business related public service facilities quickly follow up. The apartment from the incubation platform to entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurship support for visible determination, into a booster for social entrepreneurship development.

with the infiltration of national Internet thinking and public entrepreneurship, innovation craze spread, this year, a number of the main theme of the pioneering youth apartment like bamboo shoots after a spring rain quietly rising, pursued by the capital market.

One of the earliest

2014, the "entrepreneurial Idol" millet Lei Jun to one hundred million yuan investment to YOU+ apartments in the past year, YOU+ apartment in a number of domestic air plant rapid city, the first project in Hangzhou YOU+ dream town settled in, also has opened in December last year, according to YOU+’s website shows that the current booking room rate has reached 97%.

is not difficult to find that most of the business apartments are focused on the business park near Hangzhou, such as the "three apartment bag off distance, sea park city, Taobao dream town is a step away. Influx of a set of passengers, continuing to transport passengers for the business apartment.

is interesting for apartment tenants to recruit business model is different from the traditional apartment, "interview" is the most essential part of business apartment tenants recruit.

"bag" Hua Jie said: there is no dream not rent, the rent is not no proficiency in a particular line with children, not rent, since that "self eccentric" character is not rent. Before entering, they want to understand the intention of the industry, business plans, educational background and expertise, to see whether these people can complement each other, whether the collision sparks".

in rent, a guest play novelty, such as a room rent is 2000 yuan -3000 yuan, but in the end is how much, depends on the ability of the tenant. If an entrepreneurial team to stay, we feel that their project is in good direction, you can enjoy the discount treatment." A guest was recommended

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