Charlie angel investors have more chances to venture capital more cold

entrepreneurs are born


well-known angel investors think entrepreneurs are born, not to need policy, also do not need VC temptation, are not even entrepreneurship training and the church.

so when asked how to treat this wave of entrepreneurship, Charles Li replied bluntly: " will end at the end of the year. "

if there is not enough understanding of the low-key angel investors, may not understand why so resolute made answer.

let Charlie summary, he thought that life achievements are attributed to two things. One is the University was expelled, and the other is to start a business and do VC. His words Nachali is: "I am very lucky, life has been on track two meteors hit."


was expelled from the University, Charles Li originally "graduation school – Teaching – until the retirement of the track was changed, he was able to rely on more strenuous efforts to struggle – Teaching in Anhui Middle School of Fuyang, after 3 years of relying on firm and indomitable perseverance to the British University of London studying opportunities.

because a stable situation is not willing to go to the United States day in and day out, he in the master after graduation, work, work, work began to change, change again…… 3 years for more than a dozen companies, dry times advertising, design, media, publishing, film and other high-tech all competent business, and finally understand the most suitable for their own or business, and in the continuous success, become more curious about new things, go on the road of VC.


Cunhe met Miss Xue

actually become angel investors in Charles Li, there is one thing and a great influence on him.

the time of the incident even I remember no longer accurate, frequent flight and jet lag let Charlie just remember in 1998 or 1999 summer in California, he was added to the establishment of Party chance of a startup, although not yet fully become investors, but let one of the pioneers left telephone and mail, hurriedly only write on a piece of paper to found in conversation.

however, Charles Li did this is home to " the next generation search engine " as the slogan of the company to pay attention, after all, represented by the Yahoo search engine company is flourishing, not to mention that the paper wrote " Sergei · " the young man, or without Standford College life. Later, beginning VC career: so he often made his missed Google.

with Charlie embarked on the road VC people called Xue Cunhe, founder of UT Starcom, Charlie’s former boss and later partner, Xue Cunhe another well-known identity is the founding partner of Softbank China, risk investment institutions later invested in a Hangzhou called Ma Yun.

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