Green tea restaurant tips behind the secret to know these marketing skills easy to do catering

Queuing tide

comparable to the sea fishing, one or two hours diners also don’t want to go; it took only 5 years for the development of the country in 30 stores, 0 shops at present; the per capita consumption of only 60 yuan, but in every store profit; single store more than 1500 passenger trips, the restaurant name is Green Tea.

why Green Tea restaurant can be such a fire? Recently, the small gull and green tea restaurant founder Wang Qinsong depth communication, trying to restore the secret behind the hot green tea restaurant.

although Wang Qinsong is a native of Shaoxing, but the north looks wonderful. He spoke in a low voice, slow pace, very organized. From his sharing can be summed up in the following 7 points:

1, site selection to reduce the risk of close shop

2, core: high cost to attract a large number of passenger

3, chain stores: clever use of Internet tools to develop new market temperature

4, word of mouth management to create brand effect

5, big data analysis to improve marketing tools

6, the small details to enhance the customer experience: queuing system knowledge

7, positioning accurately seize the catering industry golden ten years

reduce risk

in the food industry, McDonald’s and KFC location have strict site selection process and planning, which can greatly improve the risk caused by the location problem.

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