The most disappointing summer food crayfish

summer has arrived, and the best season to eat crayfish, as most of the summer can not live up to the food, crayfish market can be described as very hot! A T-shirt and shorts, lobster and beer, but the summer go!

project characteristics

One of the features:

+ color fragrant and delicious

Xuyi unique lobster hemp, spicy, fresh, beautiful, fragrant, sweet, tender, crisp, bright,   fertilizer. After eating aftertaste, around the hand three days, people can not forget.

The characteristics of the

features three: nutrition and medicinal

High nutrient content

summer is the best season of entrepreneurship, as in the summer to live up to the delicacy crayfish, of course our summer entrepreneurial choice, richly endowed by nature geographical advantage makes the Xuyi lobster has a unique taste, add secret >

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