The name of brand extension is limited

a brand has a name, it is not only a series of products developed, because of this, we give the brand when it is natural to consider its extension. In short, the name of the brand extension has been limited, and this restriction is also very strong.

due to excessive corporate identity, ignoring the growth time in the market. Why do you say that? First, your name is not like your product? For example, I produced food, the results of the name of how to listen to the drug is like, this is the name of the error. The relationship between the name of the food and the product is higher.

second, this name is not everyone’s favorite? If there is a pile of brand names, which must be one of the most let everyone like, that brand is the best. For example, a girl can not be called "Master Kong", because the master is a man, although the other girls at home cooking, but you call her master, she just does not like. But if you tell everyone "Master Kong" to do a good face, we will be very convincing, because when it comes to the master, we must be in the minds of a male chef’s image. So consumers accept brand names from their emotions.

third, our products are perceptual and rational. For example, ice cream, drinks and other fast-moving consumer goods is a very emotional product, if the emotional product to play a very rational name, consumers are not easy to accept. For example, it can not be said that MITSUBISHI heavy industry is selling beer, beer is the emotional product, and MITSUBISHI heavy industry is a very rational word, from rational to emotional transition is very difficult.

Another example

master can sell tea drinks, and Haier is not, because these two brands is a perceptual brand, a brand is rational, they represent the concept of the brand in the consumer’s mind is the cure. Perceptual identity can be transferred, but rational identity is difficult to transfer. So we must consider what the name is in the minds of consumers in the emotional or rational sense.

in short, the name has a very mysterious knowledge, if we want to give the brand a suitable name, need to learn the content is still very much. In short, if you want to give the brand name, but also remember that it also need to consider the extension of the oh.

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