Robin Li start to catch the trend may have vision odds and ends of a meal to eat

Robin Li: entrepreneurship to vision trend may eat

odds and ends of a meal

[TechWeb] March 9th news reports, Baidu chairman Robin Li recently attended the NPC and CPPCC about young entrepreneurs said: love business, catch the tide may eat the odds and ends of a meal.

Robin Li pointed out that young people should choose their favorite things to start, only really like to stick to it."

any entrepreneurial innovation will experience setbacks in training, in the most difficult time, often because of love from the heart, just let the entrepreneurs have the power to pull over.

Robin Li also warned the eager young people: "the business must have a forward-looking vision, follow the trend to catch the trend, probably just odds and ends of a meal to eat."

Robin Li also stressed the focus of entrepreneurship. Baidu at the beginning of the business to give up electricity supplier in the field, focusing on search engines, and now finally become bigger and stronger. He encouraged students Entrepreneurs: "young people are not afraid of risk, can do some others do not dare to think, dare not too many things, when innovation is done when young." (Aruhan)

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