Taining Fujian 5 8 debris flow disaster scene found that the victims of the 34

in the face of natural disasters, we look helpless and helpless! In the face of his compatriots on the left quietly, can not bear to believe, but had to face! Fujian Taining "5· 8" debris flow disaster let us hang on to the unfortunate!

according to the latest news of Fujian Taining debris flow disaster relief headquarters, as of 9 evening, when the 5·, 8 debris flow disaster scene has found the remains of the victims of the 34, there are still lost contact with the staff of 4 people in the world.

construction side to provide the original list of 41 people lost contact. After a day of intense search, has contacted 3 of them, the total number of dead and lost to a total of 38 people.

reporter saw, due to continuous rain, a lot of river torrents surge, a large number of landslides, the mountains of bamboo, fir, with a large number of soil was washed down. Some of the soil caused by traffic disruption, the local organization of excavators are cleaning up to ensure smooth traffic. At the same time, some bridges were destroyed by mountain torrents, the local emergency rescue personnel set up temporary bridge, let staff through.

in the face of natural disasters, human’s ability to resist is very weak. Therefore, the continuous progress of science and technology, advance notice, perhaps it is to avoid a major natural disaster. Fujian Taining "5· 8" debris flow caused by the casualties, let us sad!

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