Wuqing district to take four strategies to strengthen employment and entrepreneurship services

in order to strengthen employment and entrepreneurship services, and now the city has taken a variety of strategies, only to promote the development of local related career better, so that more people find their own business really suited. To this end, Wuqing district has taken four strategies for the development of local employment and entrepreneurship services have a greater push.

one is to tap the employment needs of enterprises, strengthen the employment organization docking, parks, universities, communities and other special recruitment activities, this year has added 27361 jobs, to complete the annual task of 80.5%.

two is the implementation of millions of skilled personnel training welfare plan, carry out housekeeping services, nursing, welding and other more than 30 types of skills training, complete welfare plans to train 32129 people, the annual task of 133.9%, an increase of 89.5%.

three is helping college graduates and difficult groups of employment, the employment of the college graduates to achieve employment of more than 330, recommended the unemployed re employment of 1308 people, the implementation of re employment funds of $22 million 708 thousand.

four is to strengthen the guidance of entrepreneurship training, increase the amount of venture capital loans issued to complete the entrepreneurial training of 878 people, the issuance of small loans secured by $41 million 250 thousand to support the start-up of the 2198 people, driven by more than 2000 people.

with the high attention of the government, coupled with the gradual implementation of these strategies, development will guarantee Wuqing district employment career better, so as to solve the problem of employment to more people, but also can achieve more entrepreneurial dream.

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