Financing running incubators and college students entrepreneurs are digging their own pit

recently, an article on the business of four pits: financing, run, incubators and university students in the fire, the author of this article after reading many views on the inside of the said they did not understand, the author believes that there are two errors in today’s business: one is "entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship" and another is the process of entrepreneurship is a trial and error". Strategic choice to determine the future pattern of the company, I hope in this era of temptation, many of the founders of the pit is dug out of their own.


as the Internet industry showstopper, I want to mix, point of view is not correct, but true. Entrepreneurship was originally a very happy thing, but now the venture, but many people said it was extremely hard to force things. I started from a decade ago, bitter, tired, successful, failed, but also are bitter and happy.

on the road, with the voice of my heart

on the road, just for my

on the road, my life journey

on the road, just to warm my people

in order to prove that entrepreneurship is happy, we cite a celebrity Ma said: "venture will always select the most easy to do the most happy to do business, not to make money, but you love him, you love the work you love to do this thing, it is the largest of the passion, the biggest motivation. You choose because you like, you like you don’t complain. In this world we can criticize it, but I hate those several China social can’t do, and you will find the future for us? "When you have a firm goal and direction, the start of the pain will become pleasure, this is the real entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs feel bitter the entrepreneur is full of" target is not strong, the main direction is not clear ".

There are two errors,

now undertaking a misunderstanding: "in order to start a business, entrepreneurship is not the most important thing is whether you can stick to start this thing, but in what you do, after all, business is not the" to start a business venture". Do things right, do not do the effort, how hard is the work not completed. Misunderstanding two: "business process" itself is a trial and error, entrepreneurship isn’t as important as you can in the trial and error in another direction to continue to adhere to the business, it is important that you choose what industry business, industry, what is wrong. The fierce competition in the society, innovation and rapid iteration, work and life will give you so much chance of trial and error? To prove my point, I put out again:


in March 2003, eBay invested $30 million to get a $33% stake in ebay. The international e-commerce giant to enter the Chinese market in this way.

April 14, 2003, Ma began to set up a team to prepare for the Taobao project – which is good at the field of eBay.

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