Jinnan to build a platform to expand services to promote employment and Entrepreneurship

Chinese is a predominantly agricultural country, the agricultural population in today’s society is occupied more than half of the total population of the society, at the same time, some business and employment problems of farmers are now placed in the front, in order to promote entrepreneurship and employment of farmers across many measures have been taken.


for landless farmer employment skills weak features, xianshuigu still comprehensive service center two floor building two classrooms and two practical classroom theory to carry out domestic service, room service, Manicure beauty, job training, and training to do a good job tracking service. Xianshuigu labor service center director Zhao Yue said: "the original is in this sign up, then we’ll inform where to go to school, now the class from the first floor to the two floor directly reported complete name. We have a domestic helper Kexin housekeeping service center, all to which we find our housekeeping waiter keep our students out, the highest wages Yuesao has reached six thousand and five hundred (per month)."

this year xianshuigu also built one thousand square meters of the "space", "micro" entrepreneurial projects and individuals to provide financial support, teacher guidance, support, project roadshow, creating party services. Zhao Yue said: "if he has the site needs, we can provide the station, free of water and electricity. After six months or a year to grow up, we have more space for the development of industrial parks. It comes to money, every time we play ‘dark horse’ on behalf of investors have come, there are some local bosses have investment aspirations we also invite entrepreneurs, after their own business projects, investors wish they can direct docking."

the south of Tianjin in order to promote the farmers entrepreneurship activities, set up a series of business platform, provide a good social service for the majority of farmers entrepreneurship, thus promoting the local farmers entrepreneurial enthusiasm.


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