College students to return home to sell pears benefit Pear Farmers

2016 college graduates will face the choice of staying in the city or returning home. The Beijing, Fangshan District, a 90 guy, decided to give up high salary positions, returned home to sell pears, to help the villagers to improve the sales and prices for the benefit of one party.

was called "pear Master villagers", Li Bowen the simple smart guy, but this year only 20 years old, just graduated from college. Jia village there are thousands of acres of pear, almost every family has a pear. Li Bowen grew up under the pear tree, looking at the fruit farmers busy in the pear orchard. Li Bowen told reporters, in the village of pear common in more than 100 years of age, the output of good taste, high quality pear. He found that the supply of pear, but can only sell a very low price, and some small, fruit shape bad pear is picked after the rest, can only be set aside until rot.

"to make the products sell well, ensure the quality and weight is the first principle." Li Bowen said, he continued reading fruit management books, to ask grandpa to experience in planting, forestry bureau, Academy of learning cultivation technology, and give the members formulate uniform quality standards, and to find a market in pear before maturity. Hard work pays off, and finally there is a member of the Verma Sam store suppliers found Lee Bowen recommended

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