How to select retailers dealer

retail store of goods sold by dealers are getting goods from the hand, therefore, if you want to make your own business development is protected, the natural need to choose the right dealer, which naturally involves the purchase problems. Abacus often play, a lot of money". Shop to do business, naturally learn to budget carey. In addition to genuine, warm hospitality, how to choose the right channel is also very important purchase.

some peers feel that the purchase price of course, low profits will be high. Therefore, where to go where cheap. There are peers feel the credibility of the first, I look for a dealer purchase, there are quality problems or find his solution. The cost of different channels will certainly not the same. As we all know, the water over the land wet, the goods through the hands of others, certainly much less to earn.

intermediate links, the greater the cost of purchase. So, we have encountered in the choice of dealers confused? Do we have a "special" channel to reduce the purchase cost? Today, I invited a few local counterparts in Chengdu, listen to their experience in the purchase of the story, I hope to bring some enlightenment to more peers.

Author: good fellow! Today, please come to discuss the purchase of this problem. How do you grasp the purchase link, select the dealer? Welcome to speak freely, to talk about their own and the dealer story.

retail Wang Xuemei: select dealers should pay attention to the credibility of the first. Like daily chemicals, liquor, which is prone to fake and shoddy products, I have been fixed a dealer, even if the price of your own, rest assured. At the outset, I also had a wholesale wholesale dealers, I did not expect because unfamiliar, he actually took a fake fudge me. Damage to the loss of a lot of old customers.

after no longer dare to change the dealer. However, for some of the things that are not easy to fake, I still consider the same goods to keep at least two suppliers. Because if only one, no more do not know whether the price he gives you the most preferential. Sometimes, we also need to find a competitor to the dealer, let them compete with each other, let us.

retailer Yang Yong: beware of a particularly familiar dealer. I never expected that I would be put together for a long time. If it wasn’t for my wife to find out, I don’t know how much I’d lose. This is the case, his bread has been three months of settlement. This is the owner of this account is returned to me.

himself has never been suspicious of the books. Inadvertently, the wife turned the book was found not too right, originally three days to send a bread five days, the date of the book actually became a day to come. A lot of bills out of thin air, the original dealer >

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