Big business opportunities in small cartons

carton is our daily life can be seen in the small things, but you would think that such a small box, but contains a huge business opportunities, contains a huge market? What are the great opportunities in small cartons? May wish to take a look at!

A, small processing rich project market prospects

two, family benefits cooperation and set up factories in small project analysis

This is in addition to

owners will be the introduction of a daily processing 1000 XK-100 carton, carton forming machine set of paper, indentation, slotting and corner cutting and other functions in one, learn to plate printing technology, the acquisition of some second-hand cartons, one room to start.

1, reveal showdown. According to "help people drop this, help your own business" concept, take the "law and industry, the user fee," transparent accounting to meet directly, transposition afterwards, to those large equipment investment, heavy debts, workers, poor management of extrusion outside carton factory.

2, active attack. The annual demand for carton user goals in large, medium and small individually classified, to mobilize all PR factors, than quality, price, service than to compete for the target users of the first carton processing business.

3, the Liaison Office of the workshop. Investors own equipment technology and a large carton carton workshop provided by the liaison office, workshop, all the perennial carton processing business. The contract price should be determined in the other people lose money my profit level, to ensure that this approach to help users reduce the operation. Owners in the success of the experience, for more enterprises to jointly expand the scale of operation of carton workshop!

Xiaobian from various angles, from various aspects, for your analysis, the anatomy of the big business is small carton for you, so what will the opportunity at present, action, achieve more gold color!


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