Fujian 19 years of rapid development of nternet users

the most prominent feature of the current society, our lives are inseparable from the Internet everywhere, whether it is life or work, the Internet has played a great role. By the end of 2015, the scale of Internet users in Fujian reached 26 million 480 thousand people, mobile phones are the most widely used Internet equipment, mobile phone users accounted for 90.3%, of which the highest proportion of student groups. When the average Internet users from the Internet to see, in 2015, the province’s average Internet users per week when the length of 27.1 hours, higher than the national average. Provincial Communications Authority, the provincial Internet Association yesterday released the 2015 Fujian Internet development report.

19 Internet users under the age of rapid development

report shows that by the end of 2015, the size of the province’s Internet users reached 26 million 480 thousand, an increase of more than 2014 of 7.1%. Internet penetration rate of 69.6%, ranking the country’s fourth. In Fujian Province, Internet users, students, freelancers, businesses / companies are the main Internet users, accounting for 26.6% of all Internet users in Fujian Province, respectively, and 13.1%. Average monthly income of more than 5000 yuan in the proportion of Internet users accounted for 16.5%.

report shows that the age structure of Internet users in our province, 19 years old and below, accounting for up to 24.5%; to the age of 29, accounting for 31.7%; to the age of 39, accounting for 22.4%; to the age of 49, accounting for 12.5%; from the age of 59 to 50, accounting for about 40, accounting for about 6.2%. Compared with the national Internet users, Fujian Internet users tend to be younger, more than 29 years of Internet users.

mobile phone users accounted for 90% of the highest proportion of students

it is understood that by the end of 2015, the use of mobile phone users in Fujian reached 23 million 920 thousand people, an increase of more than the same period in Fujian Province, the overall growth rate of Internet users by 7.1%. With the popularity of mobile phones, the rapid increase in the number of mobile phone users, mobile phone users accounted for 90.3% of the province’s Internet users, slightly higher than the national average. In the mobile phone users, the highest proportion of student groups, the proportion of 27.2%. In this regard, some experts remind parents to avoid excessive reliance on mobile phones for young people, especially at home to strengthen the guidance, to avoid the resulting mobile phone syndrome".

is not the higher the higher the number of Internet users

unexpected is that the higher the degree, the more the number of Internet users. Internet users in Fujian province education structure shows that the highest level of junior high school students, accounting for 37.9%, while high school / secondary school / technical school education followed by users, accounting for about 33.3%, primary and lower education of Internet users reached 9.8%. The college accounted for only 8.3%, undergraduate and above Internet users accounted for 10.7%.

reporter learned that the home is recommended on the use of computer users in Fujian

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