Huajing network fast becoming an outstanding factor derivative is what

first saw in WeChat friend advertising, then don’t seem to refine the micro business known as the title, perhaps because of the small micro business advertising, not like now being disgusted, forget what time from the beginning, suddenly found every corner of micro advertisements throughout the friend ring, for a time the public were divided into two factions, some praised the micro business, some are very tired, or their own appreciation of the derivative, or is the study of micro business services company, is the majority of the audience tired, they like before the advertisement and attitude as tired of micro insurance business, public nuisance as to the pregnant women’s clutches, is likely to make derivative before formal stillborn, I don’t want such an end, micro business practitioners do not want to believe.

but to do micro business success, must solve the problem to solve public resentment, disgusted with the problem, must know exactly what is in them? Consumer desirelessness does not require any derivative products? Is the derivative itself born unattractive? Or dislike derivative showed irregular initial no, not credible, lack of brand strategy, I believe that is the last one, everything has its inevitability and the outbreak of the rise, micro business is the inevitable result, but will not be aborted, to see the micro business of their own self perfection and self optimization ability, can’t take birth when a lifetime security, to learn to adapt to the business environment, to adapt to the audience.

There are many problems encountered in the eyes of

micro providers, the author summed up the following representative of the following:

1) advertising in the circle of friends crudely made repeated at

You can now find a few friends to your WeChat

derivative, one can read ahead, they published content to copy, paste, imitation, repetition, pure advertising, Tencent itself on the WeChat user experience is of great importance, the circle of friends is the circle of acquaintances social occasions, no one I hope to become the base of inferior advertisement shuabing.

2) product homogeneity serious

ten thousand a micro business faces such problems in the traditional enterprise marketing is already mentioned again and again, but as a new form of derivative business did not achieve a major breakthrough, before the use of the method, selling products or traditional enterprises have been used, some just changed the media and sales of carrier, the deletion of some products, changed a few of the old product name, product appearance homogenization and many traditional industries as backward, so that consumers confused.

3) credibility is poor, there is no guarantee

derivative since commercial removal ushered in a small business center, a carrier rate of joy, but not conceal the derivative defects of lacking system specification, how to regulate micro business, become WeChat, micro business platform, Government Association and micro business practitioners need to consider the issue of micro business has no credibility is not enough nothing, no guarantee of derivative products can not be welcomed, evaluation mechanism of micro business as a large business platform as authority, let the audience again.

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