92 gasoline prices lower Fujian retail price of 5 9 per liter

gasoline in our life as a non renewable resources, in the market is a very precious resource. But it does not mean that the price will not be down, the 92 gasoline prices on the lower. After a lapse of one month, domestic gasoline and diesel prices adjusted again. National Development and Reform Commission announced this afternoon at 24 o’clock from the domestic gasoline and diesel prices were down 365 yuan per ton and $16, respectively, and 355 yuan. Fujian Price Bureau to adjust the local refined oil prices. From 0:00 tomorrow, Fujian No. 92 gasoline down 0.29 yuan per liter, the highest retail price of $5.9 per liter.

according to the notice of Fujian Provincial Price Bureau, tomorrow at the Fujian province No. 92, the maximum retail price of gasoline from 8242 yuan / ton to 7855 yuan / ton; 95, the maximum retail price of gasoline from 8708 yuan / ton to 8299 yuan / ton; car No. 0 diesel maximum retail price from 6780 yuan / ton adjusted to 6425 yuan / ton.


adjustment, No. 92 gasoline, No. 95 gasoline, diesel 0 with the highest retail price was $5.90 / L, $6.30 / L, 5.50 yuan / liter, respectively, compared with the previous down by $0.29 / L, 0.31 yuan / liter, $/ L.

adjust the gasoline and diesel hit the biggest decline in the year. According to the general calculation of the capacity of the passenger car fuel tank 50L, fill a box of 92 gasoline will spend less than $14.5.

92 gasoline prices, Fujian’s highest retail price of 5.9 per liter, in life, you have to buy gasoline demand? Faced with the constant fluctuations in the price of gasoline market, then the market price trend will be like? Up to now, this year, China’s gasoline and diesel prices have experienced four down, the seven increase, the four stranded, the six time because of international oil prices below $40 a barrel, the floor price without adjustment. So far, during the year, China’s gasoline and diesel prices rose 670 yuan per ton and $645.

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