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looking for a Chinese passenger mentor Guo Wei believes that investors should have the ability to withstand failure, entrepreneurs should be summed up the ability to make mistakes


digital board chairman Guo Wei believes that the so-called Internet to subvert traditional industries, as it is improved, such as industrial manufacturing, to subvert the not so simple. Beijing News reporter Guo Yanbing photo

"what is the world going to lose," the slogan is a masterpiece of Guo Wei’s arrival in 1988. 12 years later, Lenovo split, he led the team to create a digital business, Chinese largest integrated IT service provider, to become the first brand of smart city construction of Chinese. In June 3rd this year, the board of directors of Digital China Chairman Guo Wei as "looking for Chinese hit off the business mentor, told the Beijing News interview in Beijing xi’erqi Digital China headquarters, claiming to be" an old customer record". He reminded entrepreneurs, do not be afraid to make mistakes, the most important thing is to be good at summing up.

Guo Wei Digital China Holdings Limited chairman of the board, 1988 received a master’s degree in management from University of Science and Technology of China before joining lenovo. Over the next 12 years, he changed his job for the next 11 years". In 2000 Lenovo split, Guo Wei led the team two times digital business, its success will be to create the first brand China IT service". 2011 to 2013 for three consecutive years was named fortune (Chinese version) China’s most influential business leaders list of the top 50.

and Uber meet

Beijing News:

Uber and digital China cooperation, we are very curious, a software called the car and how digital smart city will come together to


: this year, CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) after the end, I went to Silicon Valley, my friends gave me a lot of Internet Co. One friend gave a detailed account of the Uber business model, at first I also like you, said a taxi company what is the relationship with me, maybe I can help it develop the market because there are? China drops, fast similar products.

But to understand the concept of Uber

, I found it and China are very similar, want to build a public service platform. And they did a good job, from the point of entry of the car, but the background is actually building a social platform. Digital China for so many years alone, explore a public service model, including the technical feasibility of this model, including the feasibility of service application model, is not able to be accepted and we cannot be sure. So when I saw Uber doing this, I was really excited, as if I had found a friend.

Beijing News: the concept and the strength of the company is not completely equal. Like startups can describe a good vision, but can not be achieved, there is a long way to go, why do you believe that Uber has this strength?


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