From California to entrepreneur returnees girl extraordinary entrepreneurial road

is now a business to change the fate of the times, a lot of young people to change their lives, have started such a path, a lot of people have a very strong entrepreneurial ideas, and finally put into practice.

in electronic commerce industry, can at the rate of profit is extremely rare. In most B2C sites and luxury sites are not profitable, Sun Yafei is how to make money? At first, why did she give up the high salary, choose their own luxury goods website is not familiar with the business?

the beginning: expect to do

Near the

"Jinling" from the light of heart from care for the busy transformation in many trivial things entrepreneurs, Sun Yafei said: "I saw an opportunity to make Chinese, luxury is a huge market. Then I quit my job and started the website. For me, entrepreneurship is expect to do, don’t think so simple."


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