2016 would like to do a good job catering 9 worth learning

2016 want to do what we need to do? With the development of the food and beverage industry, people have more interest in the food and beverage industry, I believe your vision, your choice, let us know the following, 9 points worth learning what.

traditional restaurant catering not only mentioned the Internet faint timid, and deeply admire, what is the Internet restaurant? These cutting-edge Internet catering how to put the traditional operation of the hard work of instant food spike it?

A, position: high income and low consumption petty crowd

two, location: centralized positioning crowd

in the catering industry has to choose the good location, the catering business is half ". In the same place, the views of different food and beverage operators, due to personal experience and characteristics of the model is certainly not the same as the difference, you think that is a defect in the place, in my opinion, I can play the characteristics. In recent years, catering site repeatedly breaking the traditional There are plenty of people who become an independent school, people have admiration in the "innovation" of energy. Although the views are different, but there are some common food and beverage site selection, but the food and beverage operators have a Heart Sutra, easily refused to show people.

three, product design: product line short

change with the catering industry, the restaurant dishes are also recommended

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