don’t want to work for others

Abstract: "when you find that you have been able to do your job easily, you are no longer suitable for this position. And when this platform can not give you more harvest, you can consider using their own way to do one thing, that is entrepreneurship."


often hear a voice around, I do not want to work for others, I would like to start their own business".

is that right?. All the great entrepreneurs are often bothered to work in another hand, it is not suitable to work in the hands of others.

like Jobs (Steve Jobs) has never played in the hands of others, he probably did not know what it is to work. However, his character is not suitable for people working in the white men. His ultimate pursuit of perfection and the harmonious coexistence of the workplace itself is contradictory.


there is a new generation of invention entrepreneurs, Tesla CEO musk (Elon Musk) and so. He is a bad name inside the enterprise, employees in the mail, grammar errors may even be dismissed, he was serious about the matter.

talented entrepreneurs like them are destined to embark on the path of entrepreneurs, in order to stand, because in that world, they are only responsible for their own, and they can also be very responsible for their own.


, however, most people say, "I don’t like to work under someone else," this sentence, mostly due to a self conceit. Because they did not see the other side of the shining place, only to see the vision of those who are not as good as their own place. This is a cognitive blind area.

a few years ago, I used to disdain to work under someone else, just want to start a business.

– because they are not love workplace politics, disdain and others to grab the limelight for work;

– two is because I am a good at finding problems, and not good equivocate personality leads to the workplace often do not be led by the.

really, I’m used to doing every job as my career. It is good to whole-heartedly, quickly accumulate experience; it is often stand in the boss of perspective, it is very difficult to tolerate the enterprise into a "forward knowing that mountain tiger undeterred direction.

I once thought I was not fit to live in the workplace. But I understand that, regardless of the right to speak in their own hands, determine the value of your most critical factor is still the ability. If an enterprise’s mind can not accommodate more personality, it is difficult to grow bigger, at least this era is so.

even if it’s just a seemingly insignificant position, do it, and you’re starting a business, as long as you’re using it

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