Female students start selling baked pig’s trotters business bursting

over a period of time is another year of graduation season, many college students will stand in the life of a choice, entrepreneurship or employment. I believe there are a lot of graduates will choose to start a business, after all, is a young man with an unyielding spirit. Here’s a look at the girl’s entrepreneurial path.

Ruan Chen female college students graduated last year from

, as an apprentice apprentice, painstaking research, business secret shop "bursting", selected around the franchisee…… Her bond with the roast pig trotters entrepreneurial road, gave us a lot of inspiration.

"startup is hard, face a lot of difficulties, but chose to learn to overcome." In his roast pig’s trotters shop, Ruan morning commanded the staff selling roast pig trotters said. Reporters saw that the door has been lined up a long queue.

Is the normal

after full preparation, and learning, clever food catering company in the world at the beginning of this year, Chen Ruan baked pig’s trotters shop opened, just over a month, the single turnover reached about 600000 yuan, her monthly income of more than 100 thousand yuan. Currently, such outlets have increased to 3.

let your roast pig’s trotters stores throughout the country, a new target of Chen ruan. Now every day can receive a lot of phone calls, there are people from all over the country come to discuss matters." She said the store opened in order to allow more people to taste the food.

now roast pig’s trotters are a unique delicacy, is a relatively new type of delicacy in the market now, baked pig’s trotters is still relatively small, so the roast pig’s trotters have great market prospects, then baked taste really delicious pig’s trotters, believe that if join or invest this delicacy roast pig’s trotters the project still has a great advantage.


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