Chinese women’s honor guard overseas debut caused a sensation

in the 70 year anniversary of the anti fascist war, Chinese female debut, also attracted a highly praised, recently, Chinese women invited to Moscow to participate in the grand event, he led the audience screaming.

2014 in February, the military honor guard in the Beijing military region selected the first batch of female guards of honor. Since the first appearance of diplomatic etiquette in May 2014 so far, the women’s honor guard has completed hundreds of tasks of various types, by the widespread praise from all walks of life at home and abroad. In just the Victory Day parade, 207 military honor guard honor guard. The largest lineup unveiled for the first time in the team increased 51 female honor guard.

"Spasskaya tower" international military music festival held annually since 2007 in Moscow’s Red Square, the theme of this year is the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War memorial. During the military Festival, 26 groups of people from all over the world dressed in costumes and spectators for the audience and the military band during the festival of lanterns and fireworks from 14 countries. According to the Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of the General Political Department Li Zhensheng, "in the home court show, China 12 minutes alone repertoire for" Ode to the motherland "" journey "," peace "" glory "and" Moscow Nights ". In addition to China people’s Liberation Army Band and the Liberation Army, Russia also invited Belarus, Belgium, Britain, Italy, Japan, Greece, Ireland, Mexico and Pakistan and other countries to participate in the band.


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