What is the real national dessert

we all know that foreign people have a habit of eating dessert after dinner, of course, the Chinese people since ancient times is the same, but the dessert belongs to the Chinese dessert series. In the traditional Chinese banquet, wine over three dishes after the taste of the past five. Often end up with a glutinous rice as a finale, in the past years of poverty is a very popular dessert. Some people say that this is a traditional northern sugar beet, it was said that this is a unique sugar beet in Ningbo, and strive to Ningbo people love to eat candied rice products to prove. What is more, it is the whole southern dessert, because only the southerners eat rice. In fact, I was in the north and south of the village banquet, have seen different contents of the eight glutinous rice. Today, it is almost impossible to see the eight treasures in the city. After all, it’s heavy and heavy. Does not meet the needs of today’s urban healthy diet. Ordinarily, eight Glutinous rice is on the national sweets. Argue and let it go. Eight treasures, whether it is delicious or not.

what is the real national dessert

the dessert, it originated from the Wu banquet. 1123 BC, King Wu of Zhou Zhou defeated this rate Dukes Crusade, Henan Province Hong County in southern Makino. Zhou Wu himself to death, and the world, based in Ho, now Changan Shanglin parkland in the west. In the Wu of Zhou, the establishment of the world’s great industry, Alberta, Bo Zhong, Zhong Hu, suddenly, the night, the summer season, uncle uncle, with season eight + cheat, glorious, deep Wu and people praise. In Wu celebration dinner, the soldiers. A chef selects eight kinds of ingredients to make the occasion Eight Delicacies Rice, to show respect and admiration. Since then, dynasties regarded as treasures and spread the imperial feast.

eight treasures rice, the main ingredient is glutinous rice, glutinous rice to eat rotten rotten. But people who often cook, glutinous rice is not easy to rot soft. In addition to the early bubble hair half a day, at least to pre cooked 8 minutes cooked, it is good to do the eight treasures. Liaoning japonica glutinous rice as the most suitable varieties. The so-called eight treasures, auxiliary ingredients and not rigidly adhere to the eight. What you have at home, put what. But lotus seeds are essential. Some elegant, the lotus.

also known as lotus, lotus glutinous. Nature is produced in Hunan Province, mainly in Xiangtan, Changde and other places. This lotus plump and soft taste and no residue, clear alcohol, unparalleled, most suitable stew. Water, a part of the pad at the bottom of the bowl, put a layer of a layer of glutinous rice, lotus seed. In order to prevent sticky glutinous rice on the container, in advance to be painted around edible oil. The traditional method is to use lard, like western style, with butter can also. Lotus, it also preserves several stars. In the past, the material conditions are relatively poor, mostly used to dye the candied fruit, is not in line with the current aesthetic and taste. Recommend the use of natural plum, apricot, kiwi fruit, candied Cherry Tomatoes, candied fruit, good-looking and delicious. If you have a dry fig, you might as well add some. Earth >

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