Dry cargo start up companies need to do this four

today my topic is how to do the promotion of start-ups, mainly based on my own experience and ideas before the promotion. Because I am basically extended from 2005 to do, push products are FREEWAP, App, enterprise service products, WeChat public number, every time the promotion is my own practice in their own studies, and then according to my own practice, I will put this thing out of public practice, continuous learning and improve their method constantly, so that my promotion methods more effective.

now I would like to talk about how to promote start-ups.

first: who are our users?

This is a prerequisite for

products already on the line, and our products are very good, about products that I did not say, this is the product manager to do, only have a good product, we have extended the premise. With this premise, the promotion of the first to think about a problem, for the product of our users who. Before I chat with some entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs who are not very clear to their users, what you do this product for the user, he said that young people are our users. At that time I laughed, young people are users, which is equivalent to no user, the scope is too large, not clear. But also very abstract, you can not define. We also have a number of APP entrepreneurs believe that our users are women, there are a lot of women, all ages, all kinds of state, students, married.

a lot of entrepreneurs in the beginning of their own user positioning is not clear enough, the real user is what I think the real user is able to see the crowd, and can touch the. For example, Beijing university freshman, which is very accurate. Or just married women, or playing WeChat public number, or 6 to 12 year old children, the crowd is very accurate. After positioning the precise crowd to do the promotion will be clear. For example when I promote WeChat public number, my public number is for the mobile Internet industry, my direction is very clear, then in this industry, our user is APP promotion, the promotion of APP channels, personnel, market products are our customers. So think carefully, my users who have been very clear.

so the real user positioning must be clear. I summed up a few features, first of all, we must define his age, is 18 years old, or at the age of 19, or a certain age range. The second is the gender, is a male or female, state, single or married, as well as income and hobbies, such as love movies, love travel, etc.. There is the location and location, for example, the Internet industry or the hospital industry, or in the army, students, education, insurance, finance and other industries, where we must understand clearly. The second is the location, is in Beijing or in Shanghai, is a district of Beijing or a district of Nanjing,

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