Christina joined what the

as the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of the restaurant investors have to choose the brand cake shop as their own investment projects, what is worthy of investor trust it? It depends on what consumers choose? What do you like? Take Christina cake, is a very good investment brand, exactly how, the following to a simple understanding of the next bar.

Christina cake belongs to Shanghai Food Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is China’s leading brand of baking products chain, mainly engaged in Chinese and Western desserts, cakes, cakes, etc.

. The company has five Central baking factory, a unified procurement of raw materials, the closure of a unified production of semi-finished products, from the source to ensure the quality of the product stability. At the same time, constantly improve the quality of products, R & D departments continue to work hard to develop new products in line with consumer demand, a steady stream of new desserts for the brand in the market based on security.

how about joining Christina?

Christina as innovative dessert project, with particular emphasis on product research and development, new products are launched every month, to increase the competitiveness of the brand’s market development. The company always adhere to the "based on China, the world" approach to the development of a higher cause of the dessert industry, firmly believe that only a good product is the foundation of the enterprise. Christina do not fancy publicity, continue to invest in product cost optimization and development, grasp the latest trends in the market, in line with the launch of the consumer demand for products, popular national food and beverage market, often appear shop queuing phenomenon.

Christina join advantage

1. perfect quality assurance, high customer turnover rate;

2. national unified brand, unified retail price;

3. under the agreed conditions, to provide you with the best quality after-sales service to ensure that the agent in the region’s exclusive right to operate the brand;

Regional protection measures, improve the

4. to Chuanhuo circulation;

5. advanced marketing planning, printing promotional materials, on-site help sales POP, brand image with materials such as timely delivery;

Christina join process

Consult the

project -> (common location); store looking for -> -> District Assessment of the overall planning and design; -> decoration engineering contracting construction planning activities -> -> advertising propaganda printing equipment in -> and commissioning -> officially opened operations.

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