The shop layout may wish to listen to customer suggestions the whole

a store in the end how to layout, which can be plagued by a lot of operators, in fact, a lot of time if you can listen to the recommendations of the customers, you can often make the shop a better layout. Just open a shop, what do not place, only the brick and wood wall put up a shelf, I sat opposite, because open.

because of the good relationship between the villagers and the usual, although the shop is simple, the customer is really a lot of support. One night, an enthusiastic customer told me that your store design is not reasonable, too much security risk. You see, you sit on the opposite side of the shelf, if there are expensive goods, easy to some ill intentioned people left the chance of shoplifting.

for the sake of safety, you should give up on this side of the shelf, the use of these boards as a top shelf, put on your left side against a wall, put the table cross over on the right side, so as to form a closed space, the goods inside, the customer door could see is not crystal clear. Keep safety.

the customer’s reminder has attracted my attention. After some consideration, I decided to change the store layout, the dismantling of the unreasonable shelves, boarded and re produced a 4 layer shelves, also made a glass counter, to form a relatively closed space in the shop, the goods are all inside, but also to protect the safety of.

as a shop owner, need to consider things too much, many times there is no time to think about the layout of the store. And it is listening to the recommendations of the customer, improve the layout of the shop, so many years there is no loss of goods.

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