Analysis of investment process of national jewelry store

investment jewelry industry has a lot of choices, you can choose a small classification, you can choose to operate. If you want to invest in national jewelry stores, then how should we start investing in it? On the process of the problem, is a lot of franchisees are very concerned about, with Xiaobian to learn about it.

national jewelry store headquarters for the applicant to assess the alignment of the quota, the region, the ability to join the audit qualification. After the initial assessment, to join the applicant to pay the deposit margin. Headquarters after receiving the security deposit, reserve quota application to join Regional Minority jewelry stores to charge a deposit, the national jewelry stores headquarters with franchisees to join the program to join the business planning reasonable, including the initial level, determine the size of the shop, the number of personnel, renovation, renovation period, working capital, the opening date, return cycle etc..

through the national jewelry stores with the housing plan, officially signed a contract to join, join to the headquarters of the payment of the initial fee, the headquarters immediately provide relevant qualification and pre job training service: awarded to join card, to provide relevant management manual, the owners of management training. National jewelry stores headquarters established by planning to join relevant personnel to assist the franchisee to carry out the early opening of the preparatory work, such as the choice of location, the rent negotiations, store renovation, evaluation, personnel training, business planning, should pass the data making port

Before the official opening of the

national jewelry store, the headquarters of the joint franchisee acceptance, join the preparatory work in place to ensure that the opening became the 1 battle ready. Inspection and acceptance of the work, including the acceptance of the decoration, equipment installation commissioning, promotional programs and related information acceptance, guests invited. National jewelry stores opened, national jewelry stores according to the different size level of franchise headquarters staff to arrange different sub shop business guide support, to ensure business success.

investment national jewelry stores, need to go through the audit of the headquarters of the brand can be. Choose to join the brand, the advantage of more, for which some processes are also worthwhile. The above is the franchisee need to pay attention to join the details, I hope to help you, so you can easily lock investment opportunities.

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