How to do the Spring Festival Village shops Management

regardless of the shop is in the countryside, or in the city, for the Spring Festival will be very important, but also want to make a fortune on such a special day. In short, during the Spring Festival, a number of migrant workers have returned home, which is undoubtedly the majority of rural shops is a good opportunity to sell cigarettes. So, how to control the rural village good Spring Festival market, promote cigarette sales, improve their profitability? This paper analyzes the problem from the following six aspects, in order to help the vast number of rural retail customers friends.

a, investigate the market

a survey of the market, the number of retail customers in rural areas, friends will say: do not sell a few boxes of cigarettes! There is no need." In fact, the investigation of the market for any cigarette retail customers in terms of benefits and no harm. As the saying goes: the enemy, victorious. The market is changing all the time, and the business opportunities are in the ever-changing, and business opportunities are fleeting, once missed can not be redeemed.

so, our retail customers and friends during the Spring Festival this Unlimited Business Opportunities good season, it should be out the door to the outside of a turn, a look, fieldwork overall operating conditions of the market, can not sit in the house, limited outlook "to ideas, find a way to avoid their bondage and thought limit. The author believes that this "look" should include three aspects: a look at the Spring Festival market, the overall sales situation and economic situation, from the look to be inspired to absorb inspiration.

two is to look at their side how many migrant workers return home, and through other ways to understand these people in the income situation and economic situation of migrant workers, forecast business trends from the "look", to estimate the profit level; the three is to look at the store’s own operating conditions, such as daily sales, inventory, capital. To determine their own business ideas according to the situation, from the "look" of positioning thinking, ready.

two, screening brand

in order to increase sales, increase revenue, screening brand is critical. Brand screening good, it will sell fast, sell well, to achieve a good harvest; screening is not good, not only will not have a good harvest, but also make it a burden of management. As we all know, the reason why the rural small shop, known as the small shop, which is closely related to the local economic level, consumption level, geographical environment, traffic conditions, etc.. According to China’s current economic development situation, more than 80% of the rural areas are still in poverty, in these poor rural areas, cigarette sales are mainly based on the four or five types of cigarettes, that is, we often say that low-grade cigarettes.

to the area where the author, for example, the proportion of four or five types of tobacco sales accounted for more than 40% of total sales, and a few

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