A low broken cottage made his brilliant life

why do people want to go to business, what is the ideal, realize the value. White is to obtain employment, in order to survive, in order to make money. Entrepreneurship is the cause of the cause of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the first need for modern survival!

is the economic foundation of national prosperity, the content of economy is the enterprise, is the soul of enterprise entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the great rejuvenation, is our most scarce resources. Entrepreneurs come from? Grinding can only rely on the market completely, enterprises rely on the gossip furnace smoke. And all this can only originate from the beginning of entrepreneurship practice.

China now in a new phase of development, entrepreneurship is the main way for the accumulation of wealth, is the core of the soul of a nation’s progress, is an inexhaustible motive force for the prosperity of a country. Entrepreneurship has become the needs of the spirit of this era, entrepreneurship, innovation has become the most resounding phrase of this era, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs have become the hero of this era was respected.

venture sounds is a very beautiful thing, but not for everyone. Enviable entrepreneurs seem to have some special genes, the desire to create, the passion, the courage to face risks. In order to meet the pursuit of personality, the desire for self proof…… They chose to start a business. For them, entrepreneurship is a way of life.

the first to conquer the world, to keep the world. China is currently in the stage, there are many opportunities for entrepreneurship in China, the country is trying to inspire everyone’s innovative thinking. The creative thinking and creativity of the Chinese people are far from being played out. If you rely on professionalism, can only provide a successful path for individuals, but as an innovation oriented country, the need for more entrepreneurs and innovators.

The rise of

The entrepreneurial tide rise

92 years later

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