2016 in the examination results today can query the interview will be completed by the end of March

2016 national examination results in January 10th for candidates to query. Written examination scores at all levels of the line has also been announced. The 2016 national examination interview work is expected to be completed before the end of March.

1 10 July, the examinee can query the 2016 national civil service exam the public examination results, at the same time, the central, provincial (District, city), city (the ground) and county (District) of different levels of job qualification scores have also been delineated. Candidates can log on to the central authority and its agencies directly under the 2016 annual recruitment of civil service website, the Ministry of human resources and social security website or the national civil service bureau website examination results.

the first interview list also released in January 10th, candidates can log on the central organs and institutions directly under the 2016 annual civil service examinations special website.

position for some public subject written examination qualified number did not reach the required proportion of the interview, the central administrative department of civil servants will be in January and May two public relief organization. Candidates can apply for the transfer of information during the period January 11th 8:00 to 18:00 in January 13th through the registration of the user name and password to enter the swap page. Non online registration of candidates to participate in the swap, directly with the intended application to adjust the recruitment agencies contact, in January 13th before the submission of written materials for the recruitment of 18:00 audit organs.

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