Give an example of the three high profit industries

high profit industry for investors will always have great appeal, then what are the current high profit industry? The whole network after some understanding, found that there are three high profit industries worth investors, are the local clothing industry, cartoon industry and financial investment industry, the following example illustrates the.

cartoon industry

According to statistics, China’s annual

representative: Ding Shizhong 2009 Hurun rich list 43, assets of 15 billion yuan.

A walk in the two or three line of the city’s streets to

, we see more and more local consumer brands. In addition to Anta, XTEP, 361, Lining and other sports apparel brand, Yashi and CABBEEN have also to Giorgio Armani and Zegna brand challenge. These originally played the role of Western brands in the role of outsourcing manufacturers more than a decade ago, began to build their own brand innovation. Although the degree of innovation needs to be strengthened, the laws of nature are slowly broken.

"fish" to "countryside surrounding the city", from the two or three line of the city of "big fish" to swallow surrounded. Now you will find that you can buy almost no good clothes with a famous brand price. If the design innovation has been strengthened, then the rise of local clothing brand is really not far away.

financial investment

representative: Forbes 2008 Warren Buffett global rich list ranked first.

Although China

the capital market is generally optimistic, international investment guru frequently patronize. But relying on financial investment and the richest man on the Regal list has not yet appeared. Can China appear Buffett?

will. Because of the gradual improvement of the capital market system construction, the stock market to achieve full circulation, margin trading and stock index futures introduced a short mechanism and advanced derivative financial instruments, recommended

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