Cotton cake step of the

many girls do good clever ideas personally for their love of people, of course, a lot of delicious cake to do is not difficult, for example cotton cake. Cotton cake, just as its name implies is the taste of cotton as soft as the entrance. For the first time to do this soft mess cake, this side I use eight inch square cake mold baked, if it is a circle of eight inch round mold completely no problem. Special tip: want to do pro must carey look at the tips, look at the steps, do not just look at the picture on the blind, it will increase the number of failures.

ingredients: 6 eggs, milk 80g, fine sugar 80g, low gluten flour 90g, corn oil 60g, lemon juice a few drops.

cotton cake steps:

1. all materials, low powder is best screened in advance so that the operation of the back.

2. 6 eggs so allocated, 5 egg white, egg yolk, 1 whole egg, separated by a good egg white refrigerator freezer reserve.

3. corn oil poured into the pot to boil off the fire lit (when in fact is very hot to smoke)

4. in advance in sifted flour into the hot oil Tangmian, edge down while stirring this surface is not easy to accumulate, rapid stirring into a delicate and smooth state.

5. 5 egg yolk with a whole egg.

6. the milk is added to the egg mixture in a few minutes.

7. hot oil batter and cool to pour the custard, boiled the egg will drop too hot words.

8. stir into a delicate egg yolk paste.

9. 5 egg whites with a few drops of lemon juice, add sugar three times to pass the protein.

10. hit dry foam finish.

11. three times to add egg yolk paste into the protein, with a mix of fresh mix.

12. y mix cake paste.

13. into the mold out of the air.

14. oven preheated in advance, the lower water bath method, I baked net under the water or die, roasted online, if it is solid bottom mold can also be directly placed in the tray, I lit the oven high, lit 150, fire 160 degrees, bake for an hour. Specific temperature time >

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