Yo tea lattice policy and advantage of

three drinks in the world are coffee, cocoa, tea. This is due to the development of navigation at that time, people have the idea of trans – foreign trade in china. One of the tea industry is the focus of marketing which China tea shipped to Britain, France and other European countries through the ancient Silk Road, tea in Europe because of the distance, the price is extremely high, only the royal nobles have the ability of tea. British aristocracy have the habit of drinking milk, when they will be tea and milk together, found very good drink, this drink in the United Kingdom Royal family gradually spread among the nobility.

now tea has become a hot drink project, is that investors are joining the food items, including yo lattice is a very good tea brand. So how do yo lattice tea, see the following:


lattice tea policy and advantages:

image of the store with the most popular minimalist renovation program, simple fashion highlights. Open such a beverage shop, so that it immediately stand out in the same store! The coexistence of numerous tea brands in the market, but with a few brand sense. Only a strong peer business case yo, peer stare! According to the survey, the brand store can increase sales of more than 30%, more than the net profit!

The location of

consultants to provide the choice of business guidance, remote location evaluation, prediction analysis, choose a good guide turnover shop, 5 square meters can be opened. The case teaching, the way of centralized teaching, the complex marketing theory into the actual operation and management of the details, from which to learn the practical mode of operation. Headquarters for the partners to provide a comprehensive business consulting guidance, providing entrepreneurial ideas finishing, entrepreneurial project analysis, entrepreneurship and other aspects of the guidance to avoid errors. Provide one – to – one shop instruction for partners to assist in the development of the store purchase list, the provision of quality suppliers, and the purchasing guidance.

logistics center of the powerful information system, to ensure a quick single, fast delivery, logistics and distribution, low cost, fast. Headquarters trainers to provide theoretical training, technical training, hands-on teaching techniques for partners, so that entrepreneurs from zero to tea. Simple fashion interior design, with the design to make up for decoration constraints, the headquarters of your store tailored. The headquarters will provide the off-season marketing guidance, cost analysis guidance, and the promotion of sales plan guidance. The headquarters of the cooperative store operations in the face of problems to guide and help the franchisee to solve problems together to create greater value. Headquarters brand planning team to provide you with daily promotions and holiday activities planning support, activities posters, menus and other design.

if you want to join this project yo lattice tea please, in the message below our website, we will see the message in the first.

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