Little sheep details of Hot pot Hot pot to join the

small series has been stressed, for those who want to join the food and beverage project investors, the selection of the project must be serious, not only by virtue of the sales boom, depending on whether they are suitable for this brand project. Of course, the first thing you need to know what brand brand up here for the majority of investors to recommend Hot pot little sheep Hot pot to join the project.

little sheep belong to yum, KFC, pizza hut, both Oriental white brothers brand. As a global food chain brand, we join the little sheep brand investors provide a strong support system, including site selection, training, logistics, planning publicity, daily operations and so on, to help the franchisee to reduce the investment risk greatly improve the success rate of entrepreneurship! >

45° is located in north latitude; Xilin Gol prairie is a natural high quality pasture, pure water, lush grass, giving little sheep the advantages of green, richly endowed by nature, pure natural. We can excellence is not limited to this, the selection of an average of 180 days of ujumqin sheep and Sunite sheep, one year only one season. In order to achieve a good long rinse is not light soup, after processing working procedures, the introduction of seven kinds of medicinal and edible principle, rich flavor, also do not need to feed small mutton slices cooked in hot pot. The achievements of innovation, the pursuit of delicious new realm of extraordinary little sheep.

company has been adhering to the natural, healthy and valuable ideas, after 16 years of development, to create high-quality brand world-renowned Hot pot restaurant. And treat the franchisee, little sheep always support to the franchisee, even if there is no dining experience with Yum powerful logistics, procurement, management, publicity as the backing, the franchisee can also succeed.

little sheep Hot pot to join? Little sheep Hot pot to join the brand

little sheep Hot pot franchise model

authorized by the franchisee qualification assessment using the little sheep brand in the region within the scope of the parties to determine the location of the shop.

we have to join and constructions of joining the two mode join area.


open store to join, join regional opening area T3 and below the city and meet the number of stores in the contract.

little sheep Hot pot investment

initial investment in a 400 square meter store costs around $2 million 500 thousand (excluding rent)

construction costs based on the city price level, restaurant area, property conditions, franchisee resources are different, there will be differences in the amount of investment shops

region to join the regional selection of T3 and below the city, the specific costs see >

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