How much is the fat fee to join the steamed stuffed bun net

entrepreneurial business is not to say that we must open a large store, make a lot of money. Small businesses like a few square meters of fire. For example, selling steamed buns. Selling steamed stuffed bun is also a business, only the intentions of the business can be widely. Chubby king is dedicated to do steamed buns and other breakfast brand, although the business is not big, but the sparrow may be small, should pay attention to matters of business. Wang Fat steamed delicious steamed stuffed bun, reasonable price, convenient and simple, consumers love, making delicious steamed stuffed bun is more simple, standard process, favored by the investors, so, how much money to Wang Fat bun


How much is the

chubby jiamengfei buns?

fees are as follows:

fat bun

in the snack street, the community open, [venture shop] just 5-10 square meters of investment costs 19800 yuan

in the Food City, commercial street, [standard store] just 10-20 square meters of investment costs 29800 yuan

in the city center, open business district, flagship store only 20-50 square meters of investment costs 39800 yuan

join advantage:

fat bun

1, brand advantage

now has more fat bun King stores, brand awareness rising.

2, product advantages

fat bun King continues to introduce new products, a variety of styles, unique advantages in the market.

3, technical advantages

headquarters has a strong R & D team, with a wealth of product innovation capabilities, able to quickly adapt to market changes.

4, training advantage

After the

investors to join the company headquarters will Wang Fat bun, provide professional training system for each franchisee.

5, service advantage

Join the

queen headquarters will provide little buns, a range of support from joining, ready to join the shop opened after the operation, to help you go to join headquarters every step of the way.

is higher than the market level of other classic steamed stuffed bun, steamed stuffed bun, Beijing Wang fat taste delicious, high rate of return, the perennial supply line! Is now facing the country looking for partners to make money with


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