One village one scene and a high standard to build 26 beautiful villages

beautiful rural construction, so that urban residents have a good place for local farmers have a good income. Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County from the news, this year will be combined with the construction of the plateau beautiful countryside, invested 57 million 70 thousand yuan, the high standard outlines the blueprint for the development of the beautiful countryside 26.

during the construction of the beautiful countryside, Datong 26 villages have their own planning, a village on a scene, one village one product, integrated into the local unique natural scenery, cultural geography and local customs and practices and other factors, according to local conditions, not to engage in the same, so that farmers could see the mountains, see the water, remember nostalgia. As the co bliss Township Village, Chengguan Town Village, Willow Village etc. it is necessary to highlight Tu Tu village, cultural connotation, folk heritage, the village cultural atmosphere more strong, let the masses in the monasteries, the subtle influence of national culture to accept, to promote national culture dissemination; to Tibetan Zhuang Xiang Ma the village will carry forward the national folk dance, show the charm of Tibetan village. Through the excavation of folk culture, to create a village with national characteristics, to reshape the spirit of national culture.

village to the United States to travel more people, driven by the rapid development of leisure tourism industry, prompting a lot of migrant workers have returned home to start their own business. Therefore, combined with the actual village in Datong County, the planning of industrial development, adjust the industrial structure, focus on the development of rural aquaculture species, in the courtyard economy, farmhouse as the carrier, the development of rural ecological tourism. At the same time, to cultivate and develop the leading industry, focusing on cultivating, support and give full play to people take the lead role, the growth of a village one product scale, form the pillar industry of farmers to get rich, let one village one product exert economic benefits.


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